school buildings

Authors: ra15, atelier sever

Year of study: 2018

Investor: Městská část Praha 6

Place: Vokovická, Praha 6


Under one roof.

We design the world of children. A world full of joy and knowledge, adventure and testing new, a world of cooperation and understanding. Children come first in our proposal. That is why we conceive the new kindergarten as a stable background for the development of their personality in a safe and diverse environment.

The project “under one roof” expresses this freedom by its openness to the garden and the inner generous space. It becomes a venue for games and learning new things in close contact with the greenery that surrounds the building from all sides. This creates a barrier between the busy city and the relaxed atmosphere of the children’s garden. The footprint follows the original structure of the kindergarten and uses the surrounding grown greenery. Trees and a large roof evoke a sense of privacy and protection from the views of the surrounding apartment buildings.

 The living rooms and exterior use natural materials and thus create a nearly rural spirit of the place. The interior and its surroundings are interconnected by large-area glazing in fixed frames, complemented by opening windows and doors. Plenty of natural light is provided in all classes from two directions. Windows on two sides of the room allow good ventilation. In the summer months, the chimney effect is used for ventilation. All this takes place under the supervision of teachers, who, given the maximum simplicity of space, have a perfect overview of each child.

The square layout of the building is clearly divided into a central multipurpose hall with adjoining departments along the south and east facades and technical and operational facilities in the northwest corner of the building. The central hall is illuminated by two atriums. On the 2nd floor there are attic spaces for sleeping children. They open onto the roof terrace above the central hall. In the northwest corner is located technological equipment of the building. The dominant element of the building is the roof, which has a large overlap and thus creates a covered gallery accessible from children’s rooms.

The architectural design of the kindergarten does not attract attention. Attention is focused on children. The house lets children run freely and draw with chalk on it. It is a pure canvas for their colorful life.