Cultural center Horažďovice

cultural buildings

Authors: Radek Lampa, Libor Hrdoušek, Tomáš Kroužil, David Buroň, Pavla Janečková, Dominika Klavrzová

Year of study: 2019

Investor: City Horažďovice

Place: Strakonická 16, Horažďovice


Significant public and urban building, cultural, social and educational center of the city. The proposal combines all these attributes in one unit and enriches the quality of public space. The design concept consists of three motifs – historical footprint, relationship to the place, modern urban building.

The historical footprint is a theme that forms the design with respect to the original street lines and block buildings near the city center. We are thus correcting the insensitive historical interventions into the structure of the city and giving the place a new meaning – life.

We emphasize the relationship to the place especially in the creation of public space. The design builds on the strengths of the site and eliminates the weaknesses. We create a readable public space on the axis city center – city gate – historical sculpture of st. Joseph.

The modern city building can become the new pride of Horažďovice. The contextual approach to the creation of a mass solution and the simple architectural design were the basis for a building that is considerate but also self-confidently. The heart of the cultural center is the inner courtyard. The raised mass of the library allows maximum connection of the court with the new public space in Plzeňská street and with the Joseph Square. This creates a dignified space and clear entrance to the city building. The layout combines all functions and brings openness, comprehensibility and liveliness to the whole complex. Only in this way can Otava become the natural center of the city’s cultural, educational and social needs.