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Authors: Radek Lampa, Libor Hrdoušek, Tomáš Kroužil, Pavla Janečková, Jana Věnečková

Year of the study: 2021

Location: Česana, Mladá Boleslav

The new Virtual Development Center in the Česana area is designed as a compact block concentrating the necessary user functions for the development and optimization of work processes during car development. A minimalist, timeless design is chosen for the buildings, reflecting the interior content of the building. Combining the individual custom-designed floor plans into one functional unit was a fundamental task, which ultimately shaped the exterior contours of the building as well. Modern materials and a construction system will be used here, to enable possible changes in layouts over time and a work environment focused on virtual development, all wrapped in a modern envelope, which lightens the entire object and adapts to the surroundings – very contrasting surroundings of the industrial historical area and the landscape of the Jizera river banks.